PBF Story

Panion & BF Biotech Inc. (PBF) established in 1976.

Over 40+ years of stringent devotion to excellence, focusing upon 4 Core Product Categories : Medical Treatment , Medical Diagnostics, Medical Prevention and Delaying Aging Process.

Business scope expansion has formed 6 corporate business units : PBF Taiwan, PBF China, Innovative Medicine, Innovative Diagnostics, Innovative Cosmetics, API.

Deriving valuable experiences from New Drug (Nephoxil) development and implementing such know-how to corporate product development, production and commercialization.

Establishing a <PBF R&D Technical Evaluation Platform> which specializes in incubating products and researching ideas into global commercialization opportunities.

With New Drug (Nephoxil) experiences and PIC/S GMP standard for manufacuring and quality control.

PBF has emerged into a Global Biotech contender.

Corporate Mission Statement

Health              Caring              Sharing

Corporate Vision

All are Created Equal to Enjoy Healthy and Beautiful Lifestyle with Confidence.

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